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What We Are

"Sci-Tech Suisse" is a captivating video podcast that drives into the realm of futuristic yet disruptive technological developments, introducing you to the immersive visual and auditive experience of video podcasting, that is transcending boundaries.

With Sci-Tech Suisse, our coach, we are the powerful course that decodes the disruptive coldness of the new technology and is paving the way for a thoughtful and comprehensive understanding.

Sci-Tech Suisse is interviewing top leaders in their field and reaching the public at large by using social media and other channels.

Who Are We

Carina is our anchor and producer intern and renowned multilingual journalist, who has established herself as a prominent figure in the cutting edge tech field. 

Also serving as a tech editor for The London Financial, and previously CNN Money Switzerland.  She specialises in covering emerging trends such as the Metaverse, AI, Web3, and scientific research.

Target Audience

The target audience is composed by forward-thinking professors, visionary business entrepreneurs, agile start-ups, and leading experts in the tech and scientific field.


Artificial Intelligence
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Metaverse Marvels
Sci-Tech Features

Metaverse Marvels

Sci-Tech Features

Episode Format & Length


Unveiling Pioneers

Provocative Expeditions

Intriguing introduction sets the stage for a mind-bending experience

Captivating interviews with industry luminaries, researchers, and leaders reveal practical insights and real-world applications.

Stimulating Q&A sessions and discussions push the boundaries of knowledge

Media & Corporate Communications

Media & Corporate Communications

Media Relations & Consulting

Today, it is more important than ever for companies to have positive media coverage. But good and sustainable media presence has to be earned. We are in contact with the key Swiss media on an ongoing basis.

Thanks to our editorial expertise and our excellent network, we know how to assess and place your people and topics with the media. We also help you to prepare for an interview or other media events.

Corporate Communications

A coherent corporate communications strategy is key to a company’s success. Credibility and trust are important assets. We support you in the strategic development and maintenance of your relationships with all stakeholders.

Depending on your needs, we maintain the contacts to journalists, handle issues relating to the media, support you in the creation of compelling content and act as spokesperson.

Editing & Publishing

Editing & Publishing

Creating and editing company content

Stories make it easier for us to understand and memorize information. This is why good storytelling is such a powerful tool to convey important content to an audience.

We turn complicated facts into interesting stories and place them prominently in the Swiss media. Or we support you in writing your yearly report, newsletter or brochure in English or German.

Editing books and other publications

Writing a book is one thing. Editing a book and bringing it successfully to market is another.

Once you have a final manuscript, we get to work. This includes a review of your book as well as professional editing and proofreading of your book, refining also the structure and style.

In all that we do, we would like to make sure the end result is truly your book, giving you the complete creative control.

If desired, we also help you with other steps of the process, such as promoting your book.

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