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From Concept to Creation - Unveiling the Magic Within Our Professional Studio

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Welcome to Sci-Tech Suisse
Your Gateway to Futuristic Exploration

We are awaiting you at the Classic Vocal Studio in the heart of Zurich, the enchanting location that sets the stage for captivating podcast interviews. Utilizing state of the art technology, lighting, audio and video capabilities, our studios are nestled within its artistic ambiance, our studio provides an intimate and inspiring setting where guests' voices come to life. 

Immerse yourself in the magic as conversations unfold and stories unfold within the walls of SciTech Suisse, the place where magic and sophisticated tech embraces a morning coffee conversation.

Carina Schuster
Peter Mortel
Carina Schuster
Peter Mortel
Carina Schuster
Peter Mortel

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Monday to Friday - 9AM to 8PM
or by appointment

Carina Shuster Peter Mortel

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