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Interviewing Kairan Quazi the inspiring 14 year old talent at SpaceX

Meet Kairan Quazi, the new fresh talent at SpaceX

His background in computer science

Kairan has recently obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. However, his journey in software development started at the young age of 7 when he gained admission to an advanced programming school.

There, he had the opportunity to collaborate with industry instructors on increasingly challenging technical projects.

From there, at the age of 10, he accomplished his first deep learning certification and this early training played a crucial role in his success at Intel Labs, where he further embarked on a cooperative education program, specifically in the Human AI group.

The Human AI group is renowned for its development of Dr Stephen Hawking‘s groundbreaking assistive communication platform.

SpaceX is renowned for space travel and reusable rockets 

Image SpaceX

In the dynamic realm of aerospace, one company stands out for its remarkable achievements and pioneering spirit: SpaceX.

Recognized for its groundbreaking advancements in reusable rocket technology, SpaceX has redefined the possibilities of space travel.

With the successful development and deployment of the Falcon 1, Falcon 9, and Falcon Heavy rockets, SpaceX has drastically lowered the cost of launching payloads into space, marking a new era of affordability and accessibility.

But their audacious vision extends beyond Earth’s orbit, as they relentlessly pursue the goal of establishing a sustainable human presence on Mars.

The drive behind his impressive work

“I like hard problems. Because I have an intense desire to grow and contribute”

Kairan diligently pursues prospects that not only stretch the boundaries of his expertise but also expand the horizons of his understanding.

He ardently expresses that his utmost contentment arises from engagements within environments where complete ownership over projects is bestowed upon him, alongside a team that wholeheartedly believes in his capabilities.

He flourishes in collective settings wherein concerted efforts converge towards shared goals, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration.

“I would say that my biggest achievement is still securing an Intel Labs co-op internship at age 10 because that was the first and most difficult door to open”

He highlights his experience adding up that he had no prior experience before Intel Labs, and the circumstances required the leaders to take a leap of faith, which is fascinating.

His thriving experience at SpaceX

“Since SpaceX’ mission is both inspirational and aspirational, launching my career at SpaceX feels like a literal dream”

This exceptional opportunity seamlessly resonates with Kairan’s profound yearning to contribute to a cause of profound significance.

As Kairan embarks on the role of a software engineer within the esteemed Starlink satellite team, he will actively play a pivotal role in propelling a pioneering technology that is reshaping the landscape of worldwide communication accessibility.

Beyond the evident societal advancements brought by internet access, he finds inspiration in the potential broader applications of Starlink’s technology.

For instance, he envisions the benefits it could bring to precision farming, where satellite images could assist farmers in optimizing crop yields and monitoring water levels.

This utilitarian approach to working on technology maximizes the greater good and aligns with his personal values, as he highlighted.

Kairan shares his future plans for SpaceX and memorable experiences

“The entire interview process, which included 10 or 11 rounds, was memorable but two experiences stand out in particular”

During the initial interview with the lead recruiter, Kairan was highly impressed by the recruiter’s profound technical expertise.

Unlike recruiters from other companies who focused on broader behavioural inquiries, the SpaceX recruiter delved into the specifics of his technical capabilities.

The subsequent technical presentation to a panel of SpaceX engineers, Kairan vividly recalls the enthusiasm and genuine interest displayed by the engineers towards the project being presented.

They posed challenging questions that naturally led to an impromptu collaboration, exploring more efficient methodologies than the one originally proposed.

Computer science and technology are his main passions

“The rapid pace of innovation and the way that technology is changing how people live their lives is something that I feel inspired by”

Kairan describes himself as a profoundly accelerated learner, and a career in technology is a perfect fit for his cognitive abilities.

He sees the nature of the technology field, with constant evolution and multifaceted knowledge requirements, that aligns perfectly with his way of thinking.

His young age and motivational spirit against the traditional mindset

“My personal journey has been about disrupting the status quo”

Kairan describes his journey as a quite challenging one due to prevailing perceptions that associate age with maturity and competence, however, he has faced numerous obstacles in breaking through traditional mindsets and accessing educational and professional opportunities.

However, he finds great humility in the acknowledgement he receives from numerous individuals within the organization, who wholeheartedly recognize his exceptional personal and technical qualifications.

They perceive him as a valuable asset, contributing significantly to their mission of transformation.

“I have read that SpaceX has something like a 0.2% acceptance rate”

Recommendations for teens looking for a tech career

Kairan ascribes his professional achievements to three pivotal elements. Firstly, cultivating a receptive mindset enabled him to delve into diverse domains within the field of technology, rather than fixating solely on pursuing fleeting trends.

Secondly, alongside internships, he embarked upon numerous personal projects that served as invaluable crucibles for honing his skills and fortitude. These ventures significantly bolstered his personal growth and advancement.

Lastly, he actively sought out mentors from the academic as well as industry spheres, whose guidance proved instrumental in challenging his viewpoints and presenting him with invaluable opportunities that charted the course of his career.

What helped him to get into SpaceX

“I recently completed a 4 year co-op at Intel Labs in AI and machine learning for large language models”

In a display of unparalleled commitment, he embarked on a remarkable journey of internships that spanned an awe-inspiring period of four consecutive years.

Unlike the customary summer internships found on the pages of most undergraduate resumes, his internships were an extraordinary immersion into the realm of advanced machine learning technologies, a domain typically considered elusive for undergraduates.

During a brief hiatus from Intel, he joined a captivating machine learning internship at a cyber intelligence startup.

Renowned for its expertise in global disinformation threat detection, the startup’s pivotal role in collaborating with esteemed entities such as the Department of Defense, international agencies, and major US corporations showcased the magnitude of their impact.

Remarkably, that headed to the distinction of being the sole undergraduate intern at both Intel Labs and Blackbird, gaining invaluable insights across the entire spectrum, ranging from research to product development.

The Linkedin Ban Issue 

Source picture: Instagram

Source Image: Kairan Quazi Instagram Post

Despite Kairan’s exciting career plans and prospering work at SpaceX, he, unfortunately, got banned from Linkedin due to the age policy.

When asked about the seemingly unfair restriction he added:

“I’m so crushed by it. It’s literally how i found the spacex job and where all my contacts are”

The 14-year-old SpaceX new talent shared his discontent on Instagram where he showed the Linkedin inbox letter describing the reason why his account was suspended.

The platform requires users to be at least 16 years old to create an account in most countries.

However, the minimum age requirement may vary depending on local laws and regulations in some regions, in this case, the decision may not have been in favour of Kairan.